Gluten -free Gnocchi in Marinara sauce **

Gluten-free gnocchi in Marinara sauce *
Gluten-free gnocchi in Marinara sauce **

Nothing beats a generous Italian dish 🙂 I made these for my friends last night and we had a little gnocchi 1.0 course. We ended up somewhat covered with flour, but had a good laugh. None of them are gluten-free and they were surprised to see how easy it actually is to adapt your diet if you know how. And also that gluten-free can rime with tasty ;)

Ingredients: (for 4 persons)

For the gnocchi:

  • 1kg of cooked potatoes (purée potatoes are the best for this recipe)
  • 5g of salt
  • 150g of rice flyour
  • 20g of tapioca starch
  • 1 egg

For the sauce:

  • 7 garlic cloves (you can reduce it to 4 if garlic isn’t your favourite thing)
  • 10g of butter
  • 500g of tomato pulp
  • 250g of ricotta
  • parmesan
  • Fresh basil (optional)
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation: 1h30

Cooking: 10 minutes


  1. Start by making mashed potatoes, preferably by hand, or with a machine that mashes them not too thinly.
  2. Add in the flour, the tapioca starch and the salt. Mix well with a wooden spatula.
  3. Add the egg in the middle and start folding with you hands until it is fully combined.
  4. Flour your hands generously and a tray to place the gnocchi.
  5. Pick about a teaspoon worth of dough and roll between your palms into any shape you want. Traditionally, gnocchi are slightly oval and marked with a fork.
  6. Make all the gnocchis before boiling about 2 litres of water in a big saucepan.
  7. Salt the water and throw in 1/4 of the gnocchi in. Boil until they come up to the surface and take them out immediately with a ladle.
  8. Repeat the operation until all the gnocchi are done.
  9. Peel and crush the garlic cloves before chopping thinly. Throw them into a large pan with the butter.
  10. When the garlic turns golden, add in the tomato pulp. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  11. Add in the gnocchi and mix delicately to cover them with the sauce.
  12. Serve within 5 minutes with a generous spoonful go ricotta on top. Add some parmesan and a fresh basil leaf.

Last tip: When rolling the gnocchi, flour your hand generously. They should be covered with a thin layer of flour. When your hands get sticky, wash them and repeat the operation.

The bottle: a red wine well structured with good acidity and savoury flavours. An Italian Chianti DOCG for example.

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